Lawn Care Services


This service can be season long, or just when you need a hand keeping up, vacation time, or special events. We offer competitive pricing, re-cycling, trimming, and blowing off clippings. During the early spring months when grass is growing fast and in the fall when leaves are falling, we bag at no extra charge to help keep your lawn looking its best.

​​​​​​Spring/Fall Cleanups

Spring and fall cleanups include light pruning of shrubs, taking down perennials and grasses at the appropriate time, and cleaning up and mulching all leaves and debris from landscape.

Spring/Fall Weed and Feeds

Spring and Fall weed and feeds are the only liquid fertilizing we do.  This gives us the best way to kill weeds and provides a mild fertilizer that won’t burn.  We use Trimec and Spreader Sticker to obtain the best weed control and glue it to the plant for optimal results.  Creeping Charlie and even White Clover needs two applications about 7-14 days apart, there is no other viable way of controlling these weeds.  Violets will not completely disappear even with 2 treatments but if you stay on the suggested program of 2 applications in Spring and 2 applications in the Fall we will eventually get rid of them.


Winterizer fertilizer is the most important fertilizing of the year. It contains the most amount of Potassium for root development, fights drought & disease, and feeds your lawn next season by storing up reserves in the roots too.

​Crabgrass Prevention

Crabgrass Preventer with Fertilizer is a comprehensive fertilizer and weed preventer for the lawn.  It contains Nitrogen and Potassium for healthy roots and dark green luster to the grass. It also contains a mix of weed preventers that will protect your lawn from over 40 weed seeds for 3 months.

​Spring Greenup
Spring Greenup is a natural fertilizer that the grass needs in the Spring to jump start it for the year.  It will give your lawn a head start on the neighbors and eat up dead clippings from the winter. Perfect for seeding or thin lawns that need a boost.

Summer Fertilizer ​

Summer fertilizer is a natural or organic fertilizer that will green up the lawn in the summer months as long as it gets rain or water. It will not burn due to its mild and gentle fertilizer contents, but does require water to activate it.


​Aeration of lawn is done by machine and removes plugs from the soil. This is to reduce compaction, allow air flow and allow nutrients to the roots of grass. Ideally to be done if you are seeding and best results are in the fall.

Roto Tilling

Small or large, one row or an acre, we can handle any tilling needs. Please call well in advance for this service as it requires timing and special care.

​Overseeding is done in the spring or fall; best if it is done in the fall. We use a hybrid mix of seed, depending on if the lawn is sunny, shady, sandy, clay, topsoil, sloped or high traffic.  We will use specific blend to meet those needs. Seeding cannot be done when crabgrass preventer is being used, so this  must be coordinated in advance.

Nutgrass Control

If you have that spikey watergrass or have neglected the lawn the previous year with no crabgrass preventer in the past you need this product. it is applied just before crabgrass and yellow nutsedge starts to grow and stops it from growing in your lawn. Highly over looked but sorely needed.

Spot Treat Weeds

If you have had problems in the past with certain weeds we will add this to your program to ensure a weed free lawn in the summer. many weeds don't start growing until it gets hot and we receive many calls about summer weeds. to get ahead of the problem add this to your program and save money.

Kill-A-Grub Insect Control
​Kill-A-Grub insect control is the safest and most effective way to control grubs in the lawn, plus a bonus that you do not have to water it in right away like all other insecticides. This product will wait for rain, but does need to get at least one inch of water on it to get it down to root level to do its job. Within two weeks of application it must be watered or rained in and we usually time it with the summer rains.

Dylox Grub Control
Dylox grub control is the only way to control grubs after they progress past the second in stage of life. Usually if you have not used a grub control between June and August you must go to the Dylox. They cost the same but Dylox needs to be watered in immediately after application with one inch of water, which is about 8 hours of watering over the whole lawn.

Mole Repellent

We use and organic mix of castor oil and surfactant to aid in distribution and soil penetration and longevity to keep moles out of the lawn for up to 4-5 months. When needed we will add insecticide to the mix to kill undesired insects that may be drawing in the moles (by request or my instruction only). This product is pet and family safe.

​**On a yearly basis, in other words, we try to keep chemicals to a minimum and keep your costs down in the future.**