Specialty Work


We offer this service to our customers to help revitalize existing beds and landscape areas that you have been wanting to change or upgrade. If you have an idea of what you want or need, we can design a plan to create a new area or redo old beds.  We are able to replace any overgrown or unwanted vegetation or create new landscaping in your lawn and gardens. 

We carry a variety of hand selected flowering shrubs and low maintenance shrubs. These plants are some of our favorites and recommended for this area.​​


Mulching includes having customers choose from a variety of different types of mulch: hardwood colored brown, red or black and cedar and cypress. Xylem distributes these bags to Ty’s Tree and Lawn and we will lay them down for you. We also apply a weed preventer on top of the mulch for a nominal fee if desired.  

Snow Removal

We do snow removal with plows, snow blowers, and shovels, depending on what our customer demands.

​We now offer hydroseeding. This is great for hard to grow areas and especially areas with erosion. It is a combination of mulch and grass seed that fits to your lawn. Also this is easier to maintain compared to seeding yourself and using sod.

**Other Services

      Customers have requested for us to complete other services where it is often hard to find help. These include power washing houses, decks and other properties. Staining and painting decks, rooms, etc. Moving of storage boxes or cleaning out and moving storage areas. If there are any other handyman requests, we will gladly help.  Please feel free to call our handyman at (602)525-4905.